Intsika Yethu Municipality is divided into 21 wards and 2 (Cofimvaba and Tsomo) towns and 213 villages. The municipality is located within Chris Hani District Municipality and is bounded with municipalities such as Sakhisizwe, Engcobo, Enoch Mgijima, Amahlathi, Mnquma, Emalahleni and Mbashe. Cofimvaba and Tsomo are the main towns of the municipality. The majority of the municipality’s inhabitants reside in rural villages situated in the scattered lands of the area.

The municipality prides its self with best agriculture resource in the country, with no less than three irrigation schemes: Ncora, Qamata and Bilatye. Intsika Yethu Local Municipality bost with Tsojana, Lubisi and Ncora dams.

The R61 runs through Intsika Yethu Municipality linking the municipality with other district municipalities like O.R Tambo District Municipalities and its locals.

According to Census 2011, Intsika Yethu Municipality has total number 68797 females, 76575 males and estimated total population of 145372 residing in Intsika Yethu Municipality. The municipality has a higher population of females than male population. The municipality is predominantly rural, living in small villages which around. 87% of people in the municipality are Xhosa speaking with 99% of Africans.