Technical Services

The department is responsible for infrastructure development within Intsika Yethu jurisdiction.  Technical service’s is one of the strategic departments responsible for job creation, socio-economic infrastructure, economic development through infrastructure and poverty alleviation.


  • To facilitate and coordinate for the provision of sustainable water and sanitation facilities to all the communities of Intsika Yethu.
  • To provide rural access roads with minor maintenance work.
  • To provide maintenance of infrastructure (roads, bridges, electricity, and buildings etc).
  • To facilitate the provision of Grid and Non-Grid electricity in the Intsika Yethu jurisdictional areas.
  • To provide all-weather roads in both Cofimvaba and Tsomo Towns.
  • To alleviate the rate of unemployment by creating job opportunities.
  • Assisting the emerging local contractors by trainings on site and enforcement of compliance.
  • To manage, monitor and supervise contractors and consultants for infrastructure projects.
  • Prepare business plans for infrastructure projects.
  • To provide in-service training to local students within Intsika Yethu area.
  • To liaise with communities for project implementation.
  • To advice council on infrastructure investments.
  • Liaise with internal departments for management of all infrastructure related projects



  • Preparing business plans for infrastructure projects,
  • Overall project management of infrastructure project,
  • Management and implementation of Expanded Public Works Programs (EPWP),
  • Preparing project specifications,
  • Enforce compliance with statutory requirements (OHS, ECSA, CIDB, CESA, etc),
  • Liaise with other government stakeholders for all infrastructure projects within Intsika Yethu municipal area,
  • Identify projects for implementation and investment,
  • Develop policies for EPWP projects to ensure Labour Intensive Construction projects are implemented to alleviate poverty by creating job opportunities and
  • To manage capital projects related to infrastructure

Electrical unit

  • Maintenance of municipal amenities,
  • Identification of electrification required in un-electrified areas,
  • Management of infrastructure projects being implemented by the municipality.
  • Co-ordinate projects with Eskom,
  • Identify funding for investment in electrical infrastructure and
  • Identify projects to be implemented for electrical projects

Maintenance Unit

  • Preparing business plans for maintenance projects (roads, stormwater, buildings etc),
  • Overall project management of maintenance project,
  • Preparing project specifications for maintenance projects,
  • Development of local contractors,
  • Identify projects for maintenance,
  • Management of internal plant,
  • Maintenance of municipal infrastructure,
  • Preparation of maintenance plan based on ward needs and
  • Create job opportunities by implementing maintenance projects through labour intensive methods