Council Speaker - Cllr Yanga Zicina
Council Speaker – Cllr Yanga Zicina


  • Deepening democracy and good governance
  • Petition, memorandum and public-hearing affairs
  • Resolution tracking and monitoring
  • Council committees, rules and orders oversight
  • Councillor support and auxiliary service and civic events

The Speaker was elected by Council at its first meeting in 2016. The Speaker is a full time councillor. The functions of the Speaker are set out in section37 of the municipal Structures Act as follows:

  • Presides at council meetings
  • Performs the duties and exrcises the powers delegated to the speaker by the council
  • Ensure that council meets at least quarterly
  • Maintain order during council meetings
  • Ensure compliance in the council and council committees with code of conduct for councillors as set out in schedule 1 of the Municipal Systems Act and
  • Must ensure that council meetings are conducted in accordance with the rules and orders of the council.

Council Speaker – Cllr Yanga Zicina

Telephone: 047 874 8703

Fax: 047 874 0010

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