Office of the Speaker

Speaker is the chairperson of the Municipal Council, presiding at the Council Meetings. The Office of the Speaker has the Constitutional mandate of ensuring compliance in the Council and Council Committees, and further ensures that Council Meetings are conducted in accordance with the rules and order of the Council.

Speaker’s Office further ensures that the Municipal agenda is and should remain one of fundamental Social transformation. As the leader and custodian of public participation programmes in Intsika Yethu Municipality, the office of the Speaker ensures efficient participatory democracy, development and transformation in Local Government, through the establishment of the Ward Committees.

In addition to the statutory functions in the IYM, the Speaker as been assigned further responsibilities. A summary of these are listed hereunder:

  • encouraging participation of communities and community organisations in the decision making process of the municipality
  • developing mechanisms to ensure and monitor participation of communities in the decision making process;
  • ensuring that communities and community organizations are educated on their rights and responsibilities to participate and give input to the municipality’s policy development processes as well as planning and budget processes;
  • ensuring that the Standing Rules of Council are developed and regularly  updated, and in this regard is delegated the authority to establish the Rules Committee and to ensure the functioning of the committee;
  • in consultation with the Executive Mayor and the Whip, developing  a schedule of meetings for the Council and  Committees of Council in line with Rule 12 of the Standing Rules;
  • ensure that Council and Standing Committees observe the calendar and meet on the dates allocated in the schedule of meetings;