Office of the Mayor

The Office of the Mayor is the highest office in the municipality, fully responsible for the provision of leadership and oversight. In performing the duties of office the Mayor oversees the provision of services to all Intsika Yethu communities in a sustainable manner, to ensure high achievement of government’s developmental goals and objectives. The Mayor is also entitled to receive reports of all developmental duties from committees of the municipal council and to forward these reports together with recommendations to the council.

As the leader and developmental custodian in the institution, the Mayor of Intsika Yethu municipality has numerous development initiatives merely based in the office of the Mayor. Mayoral programmes intend to address priority needs in our communities also taking into account all applicable national and provincial development plan and priorities.

The functions of the Mayor are set out in the Municipal Structures Act. The mayor presides over meetings of the executive committee and performs functions assigned to him or her by the municipal council or the executive committee. These duties include any ceremonial duties. The Municipal Manager is directly accountable to the mayor.

Powers & Duties

  • Presides at meetings of the Executive Committee and signs the minutes of its meetings.
  • Designates appropriate duties to the exco members.
  • Decides when and where the Executive Committee will meet, but if a majority of the members request the mayor in writing to convene a meeting of the committee, the Mayor must convene a meeting at a time set out in request.
  • Receives input on Council`s Integrated Development plan from the Municipal Manager, tables this in the Executive Committee, conveys the recommendations of the Executive Committee to Council for approval of an Integrated Development Plan.
  • Receives the Auditor-General`s report and deals with it in terms of the relevant legislation.
  • Performs all duties in terms of the Municipal Finance Management Act relative to the processing of the draft annual budget.