Infrastructure Planning And Development


  • Provide transport plan
  • Maximise job creation through Expanded Public Works Programme
  • Provide bulk and economic infrastructure
  • Build the capacity of emerging contractors through EPWP

The department is responsible for the following functions: Roads maintenance, Geographic information systems, PMU, EPWP. Huge allocation of the Municipality capital budget is being managed by the Directorate. Due to high demand from communities to have access to basic services, it creates a knock on effect to the directorate to ensure that it manages and delivers these services within the stipulated times. The directorate is pivotal in the fight against unemployment and poverty which is translated into contracts that benefit communities, small entrepreneurs and the private sector. As a directorate, it has to ensure that these funds benefit the community as a whole through good governance, accountability and transparency. Achieving the millennium development goals still remains our biggest challenge.

PUM is responsible for:

  • Project Implementation
  • Monitoring and reporting to the funder
  • Implementation of IDP project through the PMU
  • EPWP Programme

Civil and Building: This unit will be responsible for:

  • Designing and Coordination of:
    • Electricity planning
    • Roads and Infrastructure planning
    • Building maintenance
    • Plant Unit
  • Planning includes but not limited to the following programmes:
    • Roads Maintenance Master Plan
    • Electricity Sector Plan
    • Health and Safety Monitoring
    • Building Management Programme

Plant Unit is responsible for:

  • Project Implementation on internal roads
  • Emergency interventions on access roads

Electrification Unit is responsible for:

  • Project Implementation on electrification programme
  • Monitoring and Reporting to Funder
  • Streetlight Maintenance

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