Community Services

Community Services Department is one of the key departments geared towards the advancement of meaningful Service Delivery Objectives of Intsika Yethu Municipality. As a department within the municipality, Community Services Department also subscribes to the National and Provincial Integrated Service Delivery Plans and Priorities as outlined accordingly.

Strategically, Community Services Department is best suited for the municipality to achieve the three main provincial priorities, that is, Leading and sustaining semi-Urban and Rural Development, Promoting sustainable change in Socio-Economic Relations and Healthy lifestyle and Promoting Good Governance and Nation Building.

The community services department consists of a director ensuring the smooth functioning of the following units: Auxiliary Services (Protection Services, Traffic Control, E-Natis Fire, Disaster Management, and Libraries & Pound Services) Cleansing Service (Parks and Open Spaces, Refuse & Solid Waste Site).

Description of Activities: 
•    Waste Management (Refuse removal, Cleansing, Refuse dumps and Solid waste disposal)
•    Impounding and taking care of stray animals
•    Assess disaster damages and compile reports to ensure that assistance is provided to communities, hold workshops and awareness campaigns on how to prevent disasters in the community
•    Fire fighting – Respond to all categories of fire and rescue operations within the municipality and            apply life support techniques
•    Safety and Security
•    Traffic and Parking – Enforce laws through observation of violation of traffic rules such as driving offences.
•    Conduct learners and driver’s tests, roadworthiness
•    E-Natis – Operating hours 08h00 – 14h45
•    Facilities and Amenities
•    Parks and Recreation
•    To identify and maintain parks, recreation centers and gardens
•    Improve landscaping
•    Promote and facilitate recycling and composting